Plan of Activities

Short Term

To facilitate the international freight forwarders whilst dealing with various bodies concerned with logistics services collectively to promote international and regional trade of Pakistan.

Long Term

1. To endeavor to improve the working conditions for freight forwarding and logistics industry of Pakistan and to recommend authorities on long terms improvements needed.

2. To take such steps as the Association considers desirable towards the promotion of the common interest of freight forwarders and logistics service providers with concerned government authorities.

3. To place before Government and other public/private bodies members views and concerns on matters affecting the common interest of logistics industry of Pakistan.

4. To attempt to convey members viewpoints in matters of policy matters and to advocate and secure interests logistics industry.

5. To do such other things as are necessary in the general interest of its members.

6. To seek representations on various bodies/authorities relevant to logistics services.

7. To support legislative or other measures and to procure change of law or practices as per best international practices.

8. To secure adequate representation of the Association on Government, public or statutory bodies and or trade and industrial delegations as formed from time to time.

9. To be an advocate of change with a view to instilling a culture of progress, innovation, reform in the freight forwarding and logistics sector.